First of all : Thank you for considering our product!

We strive to market a video cms which fits most needs and to this purpose we are updating it periodically.

Now, let's test a bit this hosting

Basic requirements

MbString found!
PHP is OK. Version : 5.6.40!
Ioncube loader is available!

License key check simulation

Requirement: cUrl. Installation

Passed. Test result is below.
array(2) {
  string(4) "true"
  array(4) {
    string(1) "1"
    string(8) "Test key"
    string(12) "Not applying"
    string(12) "Not applying"

Youtube API test

Requirement: cUrl. Installation


FFMPEG Requirements

Optional! But required for video conversions, duration and thumbnail extraction

exec is enabled!
shell_exec is enabled!

Warning: shell_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/skyandte/public_html/tester/index.php on line 154
Could not locate FFMPEG via a php command. FFMPEG is optional.

Test completed

1 errors listed above. You will need to contact your hosting regarding this or switch to another host in order to run MediaVibe.
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